Your words have power – contribute in creating a healing environment by sharing your wisdom and support with each other.

1) Print out the “Uplift Each Other” sheet that you can download here:

2) Share what helps you stay positive – it could be expressed in words of gratitude, inspiring quotes and empowering wishes for your community (leaving space for others words as well).
3) Once the sheet is filled-in, you could send a photo of it to and your
healing words will be used for a collective art project and will reach more people.

You are also welcome to join this FaceBook group, where you can upload photos with the filled sheets and express support for each other by sharing inspiring words, videos and music.

You can leave your email to be informed about the progress of the art project.

It would be great if you could share this cause with your friends.

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Thank you for the beautiful co-creation! 🌈🙏💜